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Design Fix - Graphic Design Hourly Service (1 hr)

Design Fix - Graphic Design Hourly Service (1 hr)

Design help to get your graphics updated or corrected or modified in Photoshop by our designers.  We can vectorize, remove a blemish, fix a typo, mirror a background, or do anything needed to fix your print image!  This service is by the hour, so purchase quantity 1 for most all basic corrections that can be done within 1 hour.  If we have given you a time estimate for a more involved design, for example a full wrap graphic at print size, then enter the number of hours as the quantity.  For example, if we estimated your job to be 4 hours, enter Quantity 4 when you purchase this service.  If you have not been given an estimate, assume 1 hr, which is our minimum amount of time for this service.  Keep in mind you must provide the draft design first, and then we can work with recreating it.  Most all common corrections take 1 hr or less.  We do not offer design services from scratch without an estimate.

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