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Custom Vehicle Magnets / Car Magnets - The Perfect Low-Cost Wrap Alternative

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Designing your own custom car magnet is easier than ever with Custom Car Wraps. Using our unique design app you can customize your own custom magnet in minutes without needing photoshop or any fancy software! If budget is a major factor in your vehicle advertising, then this is the perfect solution for you. These will work great with any normal painted metal vehicle body – vans, trucks, SUVs – not just cars.

Custom Car Magnets: #1 Low-Cost Alternative for Budget-Conscious Businesses

Car magnets are a great low-cost alternative to traditional car wraps. The price difference can really be huge comparing the options of full or even partial wraps to the very low cost of magnets. Though they may not look quite as professional as a full or partial wrap can, magnets are still an effective way to brand a vehicle visibly for basic advertising. Because of this huge savings, magnets and decals are the #1 and #2 most cost effective ways to brand your vehicle when budget is a primary factor.

How To Place Advertising Effectively with Vehicle Magnets

Placing a custom printed magnetDepending on the placement and design of your custom magnets, you can really create something that’s effective. For example, the rear doors of any commercial van or vehicle are a perfect place to stick a branded magnet with your 3 second pitch, logo, and contact info (web address and/or phone number). When cars are behind the vehicle, they’ll read the magnet. For some vehicles this could be hundreds of impressions a day. For vans especially without rear-side windows, the areas above the rear wheels where the windows would normally be is another common place to brand the vehicle with some larger/wider advertising. This space is nice as it can offer a much wider area for the largest size magnets or even a decal. Wide format layouts are great for text. Of course, the sides of the vehicle – most common are the driver’s side and passenger side – are also great places to stick custom magnets and get the most views while stopped or parked.

How to Design an Effective Custom Magnet for Vehicle Advertising

The 3 main rules to an effective vehicle advertisement design are:

  1. Make it eye catching. Use some color, a logo, bold text, anything to draw the eye. This can also be affected by the placement, as noted in the previous paragraph.
  2. Make the pitch clear and concise with 1 main imagery concept and 1 main descriptive word or line of text. Use imagery that directly relates to your products or services. Lawn care? Use some green grass in the bottom of the design for instant recognition. Painter? Rainbow colors and a paintbrush will do the trick. Once your imagery is set, add 1 line explicitly saying what you offer, no more.
  3. Clear and readable contact info. Once you have the person’s attention, and they’re interested in what you’re pitching, make sure there is an easy, memorable way for them to look you up- website address is the easiest, phone number also can help but can be hard to remember so using words can help (ex: 555-GRASS). Slide your chair back a few feet away from your monitor. At that distance, is it easily readable?

If you do those 3 things with your magnet design: Attention getting, clear and concise, and memorably easy to find or look up, your add will be at work for you 24/7 while the vehicle is on the roads, whether parked or driving.

Safe, Removable, Won’t Scratch or Peel

Our printing partners are quality veterans of the print industry, who use industry standard materials to create your custom magnet design. These magnets will last a very long time, won’t peel off in the rain or on the highway, and won’t scratch or damage your paint at all. They can easily be peeled off and re-applied as many times as you want, the true beauty of magnets is that they are so easily removable and reusable.

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