Fleet Graphics and Fleet Vehicle Wraps

What is a Fleet?

A fleet is a group of multiple vehicles, typically for a single company or brand. Fleet wraps and corporate vehicle advertising programs are very common with delivery, shipping, freight, or any type of business that has any number of vehicles on the roads. Branding your company’s fleet has many advantages, mainly being a MUCH more cost effective form of advertising, getting hundreds or thousands of impressions every day the vehicle is driving or parked on the road!

Common Challenges of Fleet Graphics and Vehicle Wraps for Fleets

The most common challenges of producing great results when it comes to vehicle wraps for fleets, are mainly around time and job size. As is the nature of a fleet, there are more vehicles involved than the typical vehicle wrap, so it’s a large job requiring more vinyl, more staff, and more resources than your typical wrap shop can provide. To provide a fast and reliable job, you need a company that can keep up with a project of your size. When it comes to the work itself, a fleet needs continuously consistent quality printing and installation work across every vehicle so you get a consistent quality look across the entire fleet. Since re-prints for mistakes are expensive, there needs to be a professional execution that guarantees as much as possible that every one comes out right the first time, every time.

National & Multi-City Fleets

A practical area of difficulty is that often times the vehicles can be scattered throughout cities all over the country. Most wrap shops are small with only one or two guys that do the installs and thus they can only service their local area, or one remote area at a time. A fleet that spans the country needs a service provider that can service all of the fleet’s locations in a quick turnaround time – and no wrap companies have locations in every town in the country. So, it’s important that there is either has a large enough installation team to send them out to all the areas listed concurrently, or they are plugged in with a network of partner installers that are also proven and verified quality. Our preferred partner, VMS, has both.

Certified Preferred Fleet Graphics Partner: VMS

With over 50 years experience in large format printing and installation, and Nation-Wide installation services, we’ve chose the best company for the big jobs: VMS (Visual Marketing Systems, Inc).

“Our fleet graphics and vehicle wrap markets include: small, medium, and large national fleet customers requiring corporate branding or large scale graphic wraps for their vehicles. Our fleet vehicle market includes: owned, leased, public & rented vehicles. Typical installations include: buses, trucks, vans, cars, box-trucks, semi-trailers, among other vehicles. Within this market, VMS also offers recreational or specialty wraps including transit bus wraps, marine grade boat wraps, golf carts, advertising vehicles, among other smaller one to two vehicle jobs requiring vinyl lettering or individual decals.”

-VMS Inc