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Trailer Wrap

Trailer Wrap

Trailers come in all shapes and sizes but they have one thing in common: any trailer wrap they have on is going to get a lot of attention! With their naturally large size and flat surface areas a trailer wrap is a no brainer for anything you may be towing behind you. Protect the front of the trailer from damage with a wrap and catch the eye of anyone who sees you with large graphics on the side. Wrapping a trailer is one of the best ways to show off the individual style of your rig and can be a great and creative way to get people's attention on the road. Often towed by racing teams, event planners, rental companies, DJ, promoters, landscaping companies, and construction companies a trailer wrap is a typical cornerstone of a local or regional fleet.  They price point is often higher for a trailer than other vehicles in the fleet because of the amount of vinyl which is why they're rarely seen for national fleets outside of the trucking and towing industry and moving industry.

Customize Online Yes
Quotes Only Yes
Processing and Shipping
Production Time 4-5 days
Shipping Time Within U.S.: 2-6 days Outside U.S.: 1-4 weeks
Material Polycarbonate construction with matte finish

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