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About This Car Magnet 24"W x 14"H

About Our Car Magnets

Car magnets are the perfect way to fit car advertising into a tight budget. A cheaper alternative to fleet advertising with vehicle wraps our magnets are a great way to get your business seeing results from vehicle graphics. Design your own custom printed, full color car magnets. These magnets will stick easily on your car or truck and will not leave any residue.  This size is 24" wide  x 14" tall.

-High strength magnetic stock
-Protective laminate for added protection
-Easy application and removal
-Can be reapplied and positioned
-Great way to promote business at minimal cost


-Car magnets are rolled & shipped in a tube. The magnet may maintain the curl of the tube from shipping. Upon arrival, we recommend applying to a flat magnetic surface, such as refrigerator door for 24 hrs. This will discard any curl & restore the magnet's original shape.
-Clean & dry the surface area before application. Check that the magnet is fully affixed before driving.
-Make sure the magnet lies flat & has no air pockets; do not place over protrusions or concave areas


-Avoid placement on horizontal surfaces exposed to direct sunlight, such as a hood.


-Inspect magnet at regular intervals for moisture & dirt buildup.
-Clean magnet & metal surface with a mild detergent, dry with soft cloth or air dry.
-After waxing allow 2 curing days before applying magnet.
-Remove magnet before car washing.


-Store vehicle magnets in a clean, dry place.
-Lie flat or apply to flat metallic surface.
-Do not stack magnets with magnetic sides facing each other

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