Our Mission

Custom-Car-Wraps.com is dedicated to being the #1 online hub for custom vehicle wraps.  We’ve built the best directory of professional vehicle wrap shops world wide, and developed our unique tools to provide the quickest and easiest way to create your vision for your next car wrap and connect it with expert vehicle wrap shops in your area for quotes.

Our Vehicle Wrap Shop Directory & Listings

Our growing directory of wrap shops is one of the biggest and best on the web, listing quality providers in your area.  Once you’ve designed your wrap, you will land on the Find a Wrap Shop page to search your address or zip code and select a shop for quotes on your design.

You can also browse our directory here.

Some of Our wrap shop listings also contain information about wrap shop certifications.  This may be a good quality indicator for how much verified expertise the shop has in printing and/or installing wraps.  Learn more about wrap shop certifications and what they mean here.

If you are a wrap shop, find your shop and claim it, or create a new listing with our free affiliate program.

Our Design Application

Our design application is very easy to use, maybe the easiest.  You can have your custom wrap design ideas mocked up in a matter of minutes, and you can save your designs to your profile and share them or reload them later – all for free.  Try it out!

The application itself called MyStyle 3.0 by One Giant Media, and can be used for your own personalization website here.

Beta Mode

We’re in Beta Mode (notice the Beta in the top left corner by our logo?).  This means that we’ve rolled out our site as early as possible and are still working out the kinks, adding features, fixing bugs, and improving the site in every way we can.  While we go through this process things might be a little rough around the edges as we’re constantly changing little things here, there, and everywhere.  If you have experienced a problem with the site or would like to give any feedback on how we’re doing, vehicles you’d like to see added,  or anything that can help us in the Beta phase, please contact us.  Otherwise, stay tuned, as we have a new feature coming out soon that you’re really going to love, especially if you’re  a wrap shop!

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