Why do I need a wrap?

Is a wrap really that effective….

Yes; vehicle wraps represent one of the greatest milestones in the history of advertising. Wraps allow you to personalize your vehicle with almost any conceivable message or design. With the advent of large format digital inkjet printers, we now have the ability to utilize modern graphic design methods to produce large-scale signage quickly and easily. While these capabilities have existed for about a decade, the industry is really just now catching on, and the wrap boom has begun!

You need to wrap your vehicle(s) for the following key reasons:

* According to studies, vehicle wraps offer the most bang for your buck as a form of advertising. Wrap advertising costs are as low as $0.48 per thousand impressions. As a comparison, television can cost over $20 for the same reach!
* Wraps have a one-time cost rather than the monthly cost of things like phone book listings, radio ads, TV ads, and billboards
* Wraps are not stationary. They go where you go, exposing your message to a brand new group of consumers each and every day
* The results are real. Ask yourself right now if you can think of a company in your town with wrapped vehicles. We bet you can …

Another great benefitĀ is that a wrap can be removed/replaced, partly or in full, at any time without destroying the paint job of the vehicle or the surface to which it is applied. So, if your phone number or web address of your business changed, you only need to replace the wrap for those panels of the vehicle that contains this contact information.