Alpha is On the Way!

We’re quickly approaching our ALPHA release of

Invitations are being made to join a small group of Wrap Shops in the Southern California and San Francisco areas.  Customers will be able to design their own car wraps, send the mockups to wrap shops (CCW affiliates) for quotes, access their profile to reload or share designs.  CCW Affiliate wrap shops will receive notification emails for any designs being sent to their shop(s), and be able to log in to their affiliate account inboxes and retrieve any designs that customers have sent.

We hope to get feedback from both sides, from customers and affiliates, over the next month or so before releasing our BETA site to the rest of the world.  So, feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, suggestions, or requests during this exciting test period!

We’re excited to start connecting people’s designs with wrap shops in a whole new way this summer!

Stay tuned 😀

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