More Vehicle Templates Added!

One of the top requests we’ve had for a while now was for more templates. Well, thanks to our new fleet graphics partner, your requests have been answered!

New Vehicle Wrap Templates

We’ve added some of the most widely requested vehicle wrap models to the site. These include:

  • 4 Door Sedan Wrap
  • Transit Van Wrap
  • Transit Connect Van Wrap
  • Pickup Truck Wrap
  • Traditional Cargo Van Wrap
  • Box Truck Wrap

More Vehicle Wrap Templates On The Way

We have more wrap templates in the works, and want to know your feedback! Let us know what wrap templates your shop or business would like to see next on the site, and we’ll do our best to add them! Thanks to everyone that provided feedback on what templates they wanted to see leading up to this addition, and we hope that we were able to put up most of the main vehicle models that you needed. What would be next for you? Tractor Trailers? Exotic Sports Cars? Trains? Lets us know!

Fleet Graphics Templates

Many of the new templates are great for fleet graphics for commercial fleets, covering many of the most common types of fleet vehicles that are out there on the roads today. If there are more fleet vehicle models that are not covered by one of the categories of vehicle graphics templates we have, please let us know!

New Feature Launched – Click to Call!

We’re happy to announce that we just released a brand new feature for our wrap shop listings: click to call! Now when you are viewing a wrap shop directory listing you are able to click on the phone and place a call directly to the wrap shop. This is a lot more friendly for many of our users who are on mobile devices like tablets or cell phones. Search for shops in your area and contact them directly for quotes, click here to find vehicle wrap shops in your area.

If you are a wrap shop then this means that it is easier for your customers in your area to reach you on the phone. In the past 24 hours since launch we’ve seen people looking for quotes using click to call to talk to wrap shops all over the world and across the US. Not registered yet? No problem, it is free! Click here to register your wrap shop.

Good News for Wrap Shops – Free Leads Are Back!

After popular demand and many requests, there is good news for vehicle wrap shops: Free leads are back!

CCW Affiliates with Free Accounts Have Access to Leads Again

After a recent update lead contact information was limited to PRO accounts only.  This was an attempt to try to separate out our more casual users from actual professional wrap shops.  This restriction, however, has not been well received by the community of affiliates and after many requests to allow free accounts to contact leads, we’ve taken your feedback to heart and decided to reopen leads to wrap shops that have FREE accounts as well.  Now with a free account, you will be able to retrieve the customer’s email address directly, after being selected for a quote, so that you may email the user back with estimates, get more details, or just connect offline.  PRO members will have access to the same email address in the same way, but will also get access to the customer’s phone number.

We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused for Free CCW affiliate memberships to retrieve leads and hope that this finds our users well.  It will be better for everyone, including the customers who design their mockups hoping to hear back from shops in their area every single day.

Now Bigger Than Ever

It’s old news that is the LARGEST wrap shop directory in the world, covering the United States, UK, Australia, and now seeing a lot of traffic in places like South Africa!  The best part of all, is that more visitors than ever are using the CCW website with great growth in the past 2 months in the USA too.  We’re seeing record traffic regularly meaning that wraps are still a growing market  with tons of active users right here at home.  If you have a PRO account for top-of-list placement, and you’re in an area with some wrap activity, you can expect more leads this year than last.  Some of our PRO members have already received close ONE HUNDRED leads from the website complete with mockups.

Customizer Pro Members Seeing 30% – 300% Inbound Lead Increase

Website owners that have used our Customizer design tool right on their own websites (our Customizer-Pro membership) have seen between 30% and 300% increases in inbound leads from their own websites!  This can be a really powerful addition to your website to generate more leads not just from by being top-of-list in your area, but from your own website(s) too.  If you’ve received some leads from the site and are still a FREE member, just imagine what it could be doing from your own site.   Of course with a Customizer-Pro account, the app will pop open right on your website and send the mockup thru directly (and only) to you.  Your visitors will LOVE the new feature and they will never leave your website to use it.

Try Customizer Pro for Free

Contact us and try out our Customizer Pro membership for free!  We’ll give you a couple months to try it out on your own website to see the power of the app and what it can do for you.

If you’d like to try out Customizer-Pro for free for a couple months, or even longer until it connects you with some real leads, just get in touch and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

Limited Time Offer for New Customizer-Pro Affiliate Members


Please Note: Our phone number has changed to: 858-461-4427 Affiliate Program - Special Limited Time Offer

This is a limited time offer for new Customizer-Pro affiliate program members – a $200-$500+ value for free!  To claim this offer write to: or call us directly, and your account manager will take care of everything. You may still claim your business online for free thru the website if you like, but we’ll take care of all of that for you when we confirm your account by phone, too.  We will provide a hassle-free setup, and even do the installation on your website (or work with your webmaster to do so) for free.

About the Upgraded Customizer-Pro Affiliate Membership

With this upgrade to your affiliate account you will connect with more new customers than ever.  Your shop will be pre-selected and on the top of all search results in your zip code area (50 miles by default!) on our website.  Additionally, when users click on the “Design a Wrap” button that is generated for you to use on your website, our industry-leading “Design a Wrap” app will pop open directly on your website.

Claim this offer right away, as this offer is first-come first-serve and only valid while availability lasts!

Contact us directly at, or call us at 858.461.4426, and let us help boost your business from our website AND yours!

New Feature Pops “Design A Wrap” App Right On Your Website!

Custom Car Wraps has just launched a revolutionary new feature that is really going to stir things up here in the vehicle wrap industry!

For the first time ever, CCW affiliates (wrap shops) can copy and paste a simple code snippet from their CCW Affiliate Dashboard to their own website that will pop open the “Design a Wrap” Customizer app directly on their own website.  Their website visitors can then design mockups in minutes and send them through for quotes without ever leaving the wrap shop’s website!  No commissions on any sales, no gimmicks, no hosting fees, no tricky technical requirements- just copy & paste.  Any Free or Pro account can be upgraded to to the new  Customizer-Pro level, which will enable this awesome new button.  To demonstrate how easy it is, we’ve pasted it here in this blog post (below).

Design a vehicle wrap online with Custom Car Wraps!  Customize your own vinyl wrap or decals and get quotes from vehicle wrap shops in your area for free!
Design a Vehicle Wrap »

Example Customizer-Pro Button

Here is an example of a “Design a Wrap” button in action (right).  We have a Customizer Pro affiliate account of our own for testing called “OGM Wraps”, and this button is popping open the Custom Car Wraps application for our shop specifically.  We simply copy and pasted the code provided in our affiliate dashboard page on, and pasted it here in this article (literally in less than 30 seconds).  Click it and try it out!  It will work this way from any website on the internet.

Drive Engagement, Convert More Web Visitors Into Leads

This marks a huge new opportunity for vehicle wrap shops around the globe to add an amazing feature to their own websites that has been proven to drive engagement, improve communication of design ideas, and overall convert more web traffic into potential customers.  Bottom line for wrap shops is that this is a secret weapon to monetize their own web traffic better than ever before with a top-notch engaging UX.  Generate more leads with better conversion ratios!

Technology Pricing Goes from Five-Figures to Three

Up until about a week ago this simple method was not possible, and it was priced around $10,000 to $20,000 up front to integrate this full enterprise level application in to a new website.  Now, our latest platform release, it is being offered as a simple copy-paste code feature for only $199/mo! This is a huge value in comparison to the previous cost to build and maintain an app of this level! That’s less than a yellow pages ad, or a crappy banner ad placement with most Google and Facebook ad campaigns. In fact, it’s less than most people spend on lunch, and no traditional options drive engagement like this does.

We’re very excited to be supporting the platform and adding more features including options for shops to brand the app directly thru their Custom Car Wraps affiliate dashboard, and more.  The platform architecture has been improved significantly to scale out quickly to handle large amounts of traffic from affiliates.

Disruptive Technology = New Opportunities for Wrap Shops

This technology has already been very disruptive in the auto wraps industry with customers walking into wrap shops having already sent their design mockup through!  Don’t be surprised when leads come walking through the front door having already designed their idea online, created the basic mockup, and are ready to get started.  The technology works so well, in fact, that it’s generating leads and new customers for some shops that don’t even realize it’s out there working for them on the Custom Car Wraps site. Imagine the response adding it directly to YOUR shop website!  We’re anxious to see just how well this will generate sales for shops across the industry.

Stay tuned for even more awesome new features that are currently in development, and for wrap shops everywhere head over to and get your Customizer-Pro affiliate account today!

New Feature! Design a Wrap Buttons for YOUR Wrap Shop Website

We’re happy to announce that after burning some midnight oil, we’ve launched a new feature for our Affiliate Members  (for Wrap Shops) that can help you turn your traffic into potential customers with mockups already made and waiting in your inbox!


New Design a Wrap Buttons!

A Button for Each Shop Location

Each button is unique for each CCW affiliate account, so that users that click the button from your site will be able to create a wrap design with your shop already selected!  

The Design-a-Wrap buttons are generated from within your affiliate dashboard (shown above) where you can find the code to copy & paste to your own website(s)

Pro Tip – for accounts with multiple shops, the button code is different for each location, so be sure to press “Select Shop” on each wrap shop before copying & pasting!

Button is Available for Both Premium & Free Accounts

For Free members, the users will land on the “Find a Wrap Shop” page with your shop listing moved to the top of the list, highlighted, and already selected!  All they have to do is press “Get Quote” to connect their design with your inbox instantly.  For premium members, the user will skip this step entirely sending the design straight to your inbox as soon as it’s completed.

High Conversion Ratios

The button offers a new conversion path for any existing website that could generate more business online. The Custom Car Wraps “design your own wrap” UX has already shown to convert steadily over 5%!  This means that at our current rate, you’re shop could get a new lead for every 1 out of 20 visitors!  This is a great conversion ratio much higher than normal websites typically get, and it’s attributed entirely to the easy, fun, design experience. And it’s going up.

Convenient Visual Communication is Great for Shops and Their Customers

This is great for both wrap shops and their customers, as the customers now have a fun way to design their own wrap ideas easily online, and wrap shops can offer this unique interactive design experience from their own websites where users may have normally come and gone without anything to get hands-on with.  A picture is worth a million words, making these quick mockups a streamlined way for a customer to communicate what they’re design ideas are.

Get Your Free Button in Minutes, No Catch!

If you’ve got a affiliate account already, just log in and head to your shop’s dashboard to get the free code!  If you don’t have an affiliate account yet, just sign up and then go grab your button!

Free Installation Help

If you need webmaster assistance getting the button onto your web page, please contact us or One Giant Media who has agreed to install these buttons for our affiliate users for free for a limited time!

One Giant Media – Free Website Assistance for Affiliates!

Feedback Welcome :)

Feedback is always welcome.  Feel free to contact us with your thoughts on how we could improve these services for you and your business.



Is this the new 2015 Ford Mustang

Is this the 2015 Ford Mustang? Close to it, at least that’s what a Ford insider told us recently. Set to be released about two years from now on its 50th anniversary, the 2015 Mustang will be much closer to a “world car” than any Mustang before it.

Ford Mustang Future

The new 2015 Ford Mustang; custom wraps will make this a first class looker

For one, it will be smaller in many ways. Most other markets prefer sports cars with a little less metal and a few more curves. That means a sleeker, less bulky Mustang that should weigh less and cheat the wind better. The Evos concept was a hint of that look, but we were assured that the current Mustang’s long hood/short deck proportions will remain along with several signature Mustang design cues like rear-quarter windows and triple-lens taillamps. A little bit of Ferrari on the side panels, a little bit of Aston Martin in the front, yes, we like it!

Rear end view on the Mustang, watch for the Mustang 3 part tail lights

This, along with other great American sports cars, is a great target for personalization through vehicle wrap. Non permanent, you can have that carbon fiber roof or those racing stripes for a fraction of the cost of a paint job.  Expect to see the official unveil of the 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang at the 2014 New York Auto Show.


Custom Car Wraps Blog is Here!

The Custom Car Wraps facebook page is here, hurray!  You can find it at:

We’ll post our blog entries and other news and updates here, and also sync content with our Facebook page to make it easier to stay current on CCW and industry news in both places.

Show some love and give us a “like” on our facebook page!!  Find us on facebook here: (note: no s on the end)

(Feedback and Discussions welcome)


Alpha is On the Way!

We’re quickly approaching our ALPHA release of

Invitations are being made to join a small group of Wrap Shops in the Southern California and San Francisco areas.  Customers will be able to design their own car wraps, send the mockups to wrap shops (CCW affiliates) for quotes, access their profile to reload or share designs.  CCW Affiliate wrap shops will receive notification emails for any designs being sent to their shop(s), and be able to log in to their affiliate account inboxes and retrieve any designs that customers have sent.

We hope to get feedback from both sides, from customers and affiliates, over the next month or so before releasing our BETA site to the rest of the world.  So, feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, suggestions, or requests during this exciting test period!

We’re excited to start connecting people’s designs with wrap shops in a whole new way this summer!

Stay tuned 😀