Design Your Own Vinyl Graphics Online With Custom Car Wraps!

Design Your Own Vinyl Graphics and Vinyl Decals Online In Minutes!

Ready to design your own vinyl graphics online? You can use Custom Car Wraps online vinyl graphics design tool to create your own vinyl decals. Add any photos, pictures, text, or logos on a vinyl decal and we’ll print it and ship it right to you! It’s that easy. You can also add backgrounds, colors, and monograms to your decal. Get a great look on your car or truck, advertise your small business, or go full on vehicle marketing with our fleet graphics. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to design your own vinyl graphic online with Custom Car Wraps!

What Are The Advantages of Vinyl Graphics?

Vinyl graphics are the essential cornerstone to vehicle advertising and vehicle marketing. Able to withstand the rigors of the road but also able to maintain a colorful print over multiple years vinyl is the #1 choice for vehicle graphics. Most full vehicle wraps are made out of vinyl and typically vehicle graphics of smaller sizes are as well. Any covering over a vehicle’s natural paint job and body helps with wear and tear on the road, many fleets and delivery businesses will use vinyl graphics in place of custom painting or lettering because of the additional protective layer. The proven application and installation methods of vinyl graphics through associations like the PDAA help add a legitimacy to the vinyl graphics process.

Who Typically Uses Vinyl Graphics?

Because custom vinyl prints can vary in size and the complexity the number of businesses, organizations, and individuals that use vinyl graphics is actually enormous. Even some bumper stickers are considered vinyl graphics! Most vinyl graphics larger than small size decals are used as ads or as a promotional tactic. This can range from florists advertising on their local fleet to a campaign on city buses for a new release or event to a standardized set of graphics for a national or international fleet. The low price point and durability makes any graphic printed on vinyl a natural choice. Its not uncommon to see a fully vinyl wrapped exotic vehicle promoting entertainment events; wraps are just one type of vinyl graphics.

How Can I Design The Best Custom Vinyl Graphics?

No matter what type of vehicle advertising you are designing you should follow the same general guidelines: use high quality images and keep it simple. Designs with strong centralized logos or images and a clear readable text work best. Imagine some of your favorite vinyl graphics and you’ll quickly realize how easy it is to hit on the perfect design for your or your brand. Some local businesses also use wraps as a head turner with stylized or patterned backgrounds instead of a single color or relying on the vehicle’s natural paint color. If you plan on using any background images, or any logos or photos, make sure they highest quality version of the images that you have available!

Its Time to Design Your Own Vinyl Graphics!

Go give our customizer a try and see how easy it is to design your own vinyl graphics online for free. If you have any questions or want us to take a look at your design feel free to contact us! If you are looking for fleet graphics and fleet wraps then check out our fleet program to get more information. If you want to see our custom vinyl graphics click here!

New Feature Launched – Click to Call!

We’re happy to announce that we just released a brand new feature for our wrap shop listings: click to call! Now when you are viewing a wrap shop directory listing you are able to click on the phone and place a call directly to the wrap shop. This is a lot more friendly for many of our users who are on mobile devices like tablets or cell phones. Search for shops in your area and contact them directly for quotes, click here to find vehicle wrap shops in your area.

If you are a wrap shop then this means that it is easier for your customers in your area to reach you on the phone. In the past 24 hours since launch we’ve seen people looking for quotes using click to call to talk to wrap shops all over the world and across the US. Not registered yet? No problem, it is free! Click here to register your wrap shop.

Good News for Wrap Shops – Free Leads Are Back!

After popular demand and many requests, there is good news for vehicle wrap shops: Free leads are back!

CCW Affiliates with Free Accounts Have Access to Leads Again

After a recent update lead contact information was limited to PRO accounts only.  This was an attempt to try to separate out our more casual users from actual professional wrap shops.  This restriction, however, has not been well received by the community of affiliates and after many requests to allow free accounts to contact leads, we’ve taken your feedback to heart and decided to reopen leads to wrap shops that have FREE accounts as well.  Now with a free account, you will be able to retrieve the customer’s email address directly, after being selected for a quote, so that you may email the user back with estimates, get more details, or just connect offline.  PRO members will have access to the same email address in the same way, but will also get access to the customer’s phone number.

We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused for Free CCW affiliate memberships to retrieve leads and hope that this finds our users well.  It will be better for everyone, including the customers who design their mockups hoping to hear back from shops in their area every single day.

Now Bigger Than Ever

It’s old news that is the LARGEST wrap shop directory in the world, covering the United States, UK, Australia, and now seeing a lot of traffic in places like South Africa!  The best part of all, is that more visitors than ever are using the CCW website with great growth in the past 2 months in the USA too.  We’re seeing record traffic regularly meaning that wraps are still a growing market  with tons of active users right here at home.  If you have a PRO account for top-of-list placement, and you’re in an area with some wrap activity, you can expect more leads this year than last.  Some of our PRO members have already received close ONE HUNDRED leads from the website complete with mockups.

Customizer Pro Members Seeing 30% – 300% Inbound Lead Increase

Website owners that have used our Customizer design tool right on their own websites (our Customizer-Pro membership) have seen between 30% and 300% increases in inbound leads from their own websites!  This can be a really powerful addition to your website to generate more leads not just from by being top-of-list in your area, but from your own website(s) too.  If you’ve received some leads from the site and are still a FREE member, just imagine what it could be doing from your own site.   Of course with a Customizer-Pro account, the app will pop open right on your website and send the mockup thru directly (and only) to you.  Your visitors will LOVE the new feature and they will never leave your website to use it.

Try Customizer Pro for Free

Contact us and try out our Customizer Pro membership for free!  We’ll give you a couple months to try it out on your own website to see the power of the app and what it can do for you.

If you’d like to try out Customizer-Pro for free for a couple months, or even longer until it connects you with some real leads, just get in touch and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

New Feature Release: Design Your Own Boat Wrap!

Design Your Own Custom Boat Wrap:  We Just Released the Boat Wrap!


Wrapping your boat is becoming more and more popular these days. In fact, boats were our #1 most request vehicle to add! When you buy a boat, you as a customer are spending a lot of money on that boat, plus you have to figure everything else that comes along with buying a boat: a truck to haul it with, a trailer to haul it on, and a place to keep it.  Even if you plan on keeping your brand new boat at the marina, it still isn’t cheap. After spending all that money, do you don’t want your boat to look like all the rest? No way!  Every boat has a unique name, but the ones that stand out from the rest have a unique custom design.   A great way to make a great boat into an awesome boat is with custom boat graphics and a boat wrap is the only practical and cost effective way to do it.  Even the largest vinyl boat wraps are more affordable than you think.

How Do You Get Your Boat Wrapped?

Boat_Wrap 7 Custom Boat Wrap Design Concept[/caption]The process of creating custom boat graphics and getting a vinyl boat wrap is really easier than you might imagine. The first step is to create a quick mockup with our boat wrap customizer, and follow our four (4) step design process. Once you have your concept boat wrap design made, just search your area and pick from a list of available local wrap shops to request quotes from.  If you have a business and wish to do a little advertising while out on the water then your business logo and name can easily be designed to fit your boat. If you want to add colors or images, just convey your thoughts to create the custom boat graphic you desire – the possibilities are endless! Your local wrap shop will be happy to assist you with the enhancements to the design and to create the professional look that you really want.  Any ship of any size can be wrapped, from a dinghy to a cruise ship, and generally the cost goes up with the square footage.

Design Boat Wraps with Cool Effects in Minutes

Design Wraps with Cool Effects in Minutes

Once you and your wrap shop have finalized the design, the wrap is then printed and installed within days. Very often, you don’t even have to take your vessel in for this service if it’s not convenient, this process can be done wherever the boat is. Why waste money on having professional artists or painters come in and try to accomplish a job that will take them days, weeks, or even months? You can have the design of your choosing created, printed and installed within a day with only a portion of the cost. If your boat already has existing detailing, a custom design graphic can be put on over almost anything without the hassle of removing the existing one.

Choose the Wrap Shop from the Available List

Upon finishing the design on, choose as many local wrap shops as you want and let them advise you with their expertise and give you more ideas for your boat wrap. Whether you want to promote an event such as a fishing tournament or a wake-boarding competition or simply (like myself) want to get rid of the fading color on the sides of the boat from sun and salt, a vinyl wrap professionally installed will do the job and will be a smart investment that will last for years.


Example Custom Boat Wrap for Wake Board Boat


Limited Time Offer for New Customizer-Pro Affiliate Members


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About the Upgraded Customizer-Pro Affiliate Membership

With this upgrade to your affiliate account you will connect with more new customers than ever.  Your shop will be pre-selected and on the top of all search results in your zip code area (50 miles by default!) on our website.  Additionally, when users click on the “Design a Wrap” button that is generated for you to use on your website, our industry-leading “Design a Wrap” app will pop open directly on your website.

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